Maelstrom (26) - slammin' freedom / diskological

[21:14] <~GMW> Upon reaching the surface, the team is greeted by a war-torn city. All around are pools of blood and too many bodies to count, and almost every building, both only two stories and even massive skyscrapers, have suffered damage of some sort. One skyscraper has even collapsed into another, forming a beautiful yet dangerous arch.
[21:14] <Janisson> "What the hell happened here?"
[21:14] <Jackson> "Holy mother of god."
[21:15] <~GMW> What's startling however are the massive, fleshy pillars rising occasionally into the cityscape, with one such monstrosity staked nearby. Its pink body is covered with black plating, and it seems to twitch every so often.
[21:15] <Jackson> Jack turns around and stares at the thing.
[21:15] * Janisson looks at the pillar. "I guess we should refrain from doing anything with them."
[21:16] <Jackson> "It looks like Hell's come to Mars."
[21:17] <Jackson> "…Are we sure we want to keep going?"
[21:17] <~GMW> Despite all the chaos and strange things rising into the horizon, there's no movement whatsoever. Only the words and steps of the party make any sound.
[21:18] <Jackson> Jack starts recording. "I'm definitely showing this to Maelstrom. Then everyone."
[21:18] <Michael> "No wonder this place is under quarantine."
[21:19] <Janisson> "So, uh, let's head back. I'm sure there's nothing of interest here."
[21:20] <Scott> "This looks interesting. Maybe I should have brought the gun after all."
[21:20] <~GMW> There is practically no indication of where to go in this mess. Perhaps higher ground would do more good.
[21:20] * Scott looks for higher ground.
[21:20] <Jackson> "There might be something big in here. There's a reason this shit happened, maybe we could use it against WorldCorp."
[21:22] * Janisson looks for higher ground, as well.
[21:22] <~GMW> There's plenty of skyscrapers to climb, though the "arch" has a certain charm to it.
[21:22] <~GMW> The still-complete skyscraper of the duo looks to be the tallest around.
[21:22] * Janisson looks at the arch, and shakes his head.
[21:24] <Janisson> "What do you guys suppose resides over at that arch?"
[21:24] <Jackson> "…Hopefully nothing."
[21:24] <Jackson> Jack slowly begins to walk towards the arch, sizing it up.
[21:26] * Janisson steadily follows Jackson
[21:26] * Michael follows the group, gun at ready.
[21:26] * Scott finds something large to pick up and pokes a fleshy pillar with it.
[21:27] <~GMW> As the group advances, they spot a pair of bombers flying through the city. As they make a strafing run, they eject a multitude of bombs, which explode in a ball of fire when they make contact.
[21:28] <~GMW> The pillar that Scott pokes does nothing, but another in the horizon acts against the firebombing duo in the sky. It extends itself to the horizon, cleanly impaling one of the bombers. And there it remains, not moving.
[21:28] <~GMW> After a few minutes, the team reaches the skyscraper arch with no difficulty.
[21:30] <Janisson> "I suppose we gotta climb this thing?"
[21:30] <Jackson> "Well, Scott, I suggest you don't fly around here."
[21:30] <Michael> "Maybe it only hates planes that bomb stuff on it?"
[21:31] <Janisson> "I wouldn't risk it."
[21:31] <Jackson> "I'd love, just once, for there to be a benevolent fungus-type thing like this. It probably won't ever happen, though."
[21:37] <~GMW> The main entrance to the collapsed skyscraper awaits the party, while the entrance to the still-standing one is blocked by rubble.